Monday, April 19, 2010

get this instant

These polaroid scarves by Philippe Roucou are available right now for purchase at Reborn. And they are, as most things which involve Edwin Land's priceless invention tend to be, awesome.

If, however, you do not have 449 Canadian Dollars on hand, slash, you find your own work more scintillating, you might want to make your own version, eh? Perfect for present-giving, wall-hanging, gift-wrapping, and of course scarf-wearing.

if i were to snag a scarf, the above are my favourites.

I intend to involve Ms Lightning in this endeavor seeing as her DIY skillz are nearing canal-street-counterfeit-goodness, and I'm already brewing ideas on which of my own works should be made wearable. Perhaps one from the Teen Vogue vision quest of aught nine?

I hope you make one too!



besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i'm in...this is a brilliant, when are we embarking on this DIY endeavor??

育德 said...


Michel said...

I love that these scarves look as awesome when worn as they do hanging in front of the models. The colors are spectacular. They seem huge enough to make an amazing tapestry/poster.