Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Mercedes of Mine

A minimalist I am not.

Try as I may to trim down my packing, my projects, and perhaps, from time to time, my purchases (thrifting only I SWEAR) I always seem to end up with more than I have room for. Which is why ADF and I are on the search for wheels of the wagon variety.

A vintage Mercedes 300TDT to be technical about it.

Not only have I long loved the aesthetic and the sentimental pangs that they impart (my father surprised my dear mother with a 280SL convertible when they became engaged) but I adore (read: need) their roominess. Some versions even offer soccer seats in the back. Perfect for field trips with a wagon full of friends! And pretty much imperative.

Below, a barrage of Benzes.
May one someday be mine.

The Colors:

Bay Window Back (Soccer) Seat Please:

Its Sibling the Sedan:

The Adventures Ahead:

Bio Diesel conversion post pending...


rem said...

I want a yellow one. dream car... sigh.

Fabiana said...

Pink! OMG! These are so cool. Personally, I've always dreamed of a 450sl convertable...maybe in red.

showoff said...

you might like this...